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BigLOnline┬« was officially started in early 2007, although it had existed in thought some time before that. It was started on the premise that Big L deserved a home on the internet, a sort of headquarters per-se; where all of Big L’s fans can come together to learn, share, listen and enjoy L’s music together all while keeping his legacy alive. After the demise of other similarly oriented websites, if was only natural for BigLOnline┬« to prosper as more than just an idea.

Early on in the website’s life we earned the respect and blessing of Pinky (Big L’s mother, RIP) to become the official entity for Big L on the world wide web, our relationship with Big L’s family is what allows us to be what we are and bring you the latest in information, news & announcements regarding everything surrounding Big L. What does this mean? As of today BigLOnline┬« is the official web site for Big L and all official news & updates.

Our staff is made up of two official administrators and one very dedicated enthusiast of Big L’s work, we are not the typical (large) team behind other websites but just three very hardworking individuals that come together to help keep L’s music and memory alive; we are also fans just like the rest of our visitors, fortunate enough though, to have the proper means to do something great. Our goal is to help Big L flourish posthumously beyond what he was able to accomplish before he was so tragically killed in 1999, and we aim to that in any way that we can — along with providing the most accurate (and official) information.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, visiting this website and doing your part to keep L’s music alive; even if you are just a casual fan that listens occasionally. We encourage everyone to log in or register and engage in conversation with other like-minded people, because by doing so you help our project prosper and above all else uphold the memory of one of the greatest people to ever touch a microphone.

Rest In Peace Lamont “Big L” Coleman and Gilda “Pinky” Terry